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The 7 Best Dream Whip Substitutes For Your Recipes

Dream Whip is a famous brand of whipped topping mix that comes in many colors and flavors. The history of this topping started in the 1950s when an Italian company called Giorgio Baldi began to make it. 

Dream whip has flooded the American market as a shelf-stable dessert topping, a dry product that lasts for years. However, once prepared, it gets soft and fluffy, just like whipped cream, and perfect for people who want to avoid too much fat in their desserts. 

It is super easy to find and use, but if you can’t get your hands on dream whip, there are plenty of alternatives to consider

In A Hurry?
The best substitute for Dream Whip is stabilized whipped cream with the same fluffy texture and taste. Unlike simple whipped cream, it won’t get runny if used for hot desserts. As an option, you can also consider Cool Whip

The Best substitutes for Dream whip

Dream Whip topping is a non-dairy product typically prepared by mixing cold milk and vanilla. It tastes like heavy whipping cream, though the result is much lighter and fluffier. 

Besides, it has a rich flavor and smooth texture you usually won’t get with the store-bought whipped toppings. Still, the most significant benefit of Dream Whip is that it saves you plenty of time.

To make it, you have to mix a packet of Dream Whip in cold milk and vanilla with an electric mixer on low speed for about 4 minutes. Then, for another 4 minutes, beat it on high speed until it thickens and stiff peaks start forming. 

Once it is adequately blended, it’s a perfect topping for pies, cakes, fruit salads, tarts, and puddings.

Also, the result comes out splendid, and many still look for the best Dream Whip substitute due to dietary or personal preferences. 

Luckily, we’ve gathered all of them in one place.

1. Whipped Cream

When you start researching Dream Whip substitutes, the first thing that comes to mind is canned whipped cream. It is a dairy-based product made by whipping heavy cream until it turns light and fluffy. Plus, you buy it ready-made or fix it up yourself.

You can use whipped cream instead of Dream Whip as a topping for pies, hot chocolate, or coffee. However, there is a downside right here. Whipped cream becomes runny if left out for too long or on hot desserts. 

So it is recommended to use cooled and not on even slightly warm substances. The other bummer is that it is a high-fat gobble of cream with calories going through the roof compared to Dream Whip. 

Considering it is a dairy-based product, whipped cream is not a viable option for vegans or lactose intolerant people

You can use it in a wide range of ways for all the others. And if you decide to make homemade whipped cream, whip cream and add vanilla extract to mimic the Dream Whip. Use the biggest blender you’ve got.

2. Stabilize Whipped Cream

If you want to use whipped cream on hot desserts, you can stabilize it, creating a stabilized whipped cream. It will turn our having stiff peaks, but the texture won’t separate or collapse at room temperature or when exposed to heat. 

This feature makes stabilized whipped cream a great Dream Whip substitute as it allows for pipping without sacrificing the taste or texture

Additionally, because stabilized whipped cream does not use animal ingredients, it is a fantastic choice for people who strictly adhere to the vegan diet.

There are several ways to stabilize whipped cream, and some of the most common include whisking in cornstarch, cream cheese, milk powder, gelatin, or cream of tartar. Whatever method you choose, the result will be a firm block that resembles Dream Whip.

3. Cool Whip

Cool Whip is another whipped topping manufactured by Kraft Foods or Kraft Heinz (the same company that owns the Dream Whip). It is very similar to Dream Whip, except that it is a frozen whipped topping and doesn’t require any whipping or mixing. 

You can use it for topping drinks and desserts since it maintains its texture without melting, which makes it a perfect substitute for Dream Whip.

Moreover, Cool whip is frozen and correspondingly has higher shelf life when compared to freshly whipped creams. Besides, it has somewhat fewer calories than good old whipped cream. But still, it won’t be a good option for everyone. 

Although it’s believed to be a non-dairy product, it now contains a small percentage of heavy cream and skimmed milk, which won’t suit vegans and lactose intolerant people either.

4. Liquid Heavy Cream

Liquid heavy cream also acts like a perfect Dream Whip substitute. And while it includes dairy and is not low on calories, it does offer the same texture and fluffiness as Dream Whip.

Although heavy cream is calorie-intensive, it still has less fat than regular whipped cream, especially if you need to reduce calories. A huge plus is the absence of stabilizers, making it a healthier and all-natural alternative.

A 1:1 substitution of heavy liquid cream for Dream Whip works just fine. However, it’s not always easy to work on; you have you shake it well before serving. 

Liquid heavy cream is available at most grocery stores, though it comes a little more expensive than regular whipped cream.

5. Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting

Although Swiss meringue buttercream is not as famous as Dream Whip substitute as the ones we’ve just discussed, it is worth checking out. Generally, it is a less sweet frosting made with sugar, egg whites, butter, salt, and some vanilla

It is quick and easy to make and decorate cakes and other desserts to elevate their appearance and taste. Swiss meringue buttercream will remain stable at any temperature, so you don’t have to worry about it getting all runny.

The texture is slightly different from Dream Whip’s, but swiss meringue buttercream is the best way to layer flavors and develop a complex palate in your desserts.

A bonus is that you can make a lot of different varieties with added coffee, chocolate, or any fruit.

6. Cream cheese 

Cream cheese is the last but not least popular alternative to Dream Whip. It is popular in many recipes, including pies, cakes, and especially cheesecakes, since it makes for a great topping. 

Some even use it to stabilize whipped cream. Cream cheese has a fluffy creaminess similar to Dream Whip and holds very well. So you can freely use it on chocolate brownies or chocolate cakes. 

7. Homemade Dream Whip

If none of the above substitutes for Dream Whip satisfy your requirements, your best option is to make Dream Whip yourself. You need a handful of ingredients to make a light and fluffy alternative to the store-bought Dream Whip.

Various related recipes are online, but most require essential ingredients like gelatin and milk: water, powdered sugar, salt, light cream or sour cream, and high fructose corn syrup. 

How to choose a dream whip substitute

When you substitute Dream Whip, you always strive for rich sweetness and creaminess but light texture. So here is a quick summary of what you have to consider before choosing the best substitute for Dream Whip from the ones listed in this article. 

Whichever option you go with, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different options for different occasions. 


When the flavor is concerned, a cool whip is the closest option to Dream Whip because the same company produces it and has almost the same list of ingredients. The only difference is the frozen nature of the cool whip.


Liquid heavy cream is a perfect option to substitute Dream Whip when the texture is vital for the recipe. It offers the same light and fluffy texture when whipped. But don’t forget the vanilla component to make it taste all like Dream Whip. 


Dream Whip is a very cost-effective option to elevate your desserts and drinks. However, if you don’t have it on hand, the last thing you need is pricey alternatives. 

The most cost-effective Dream Whip substitute would be the whipped cream in almost any store. 


Among the list of Dream Whip substitutes, there are options like homemade Dream Whip, swiss meringue buttercream, and stabilized whipped cream. They are not ready-made solutions, unlike whipped cream and cool whip.

Our Top Pick

Summing this up and considering the availability, price, and other features, we’d suggest stabilized whipped cream as the best Dream Whip substitute. Although it won’t have the same texture as Dream Whip, it will taste the same once you stabilize it. 

A huge plus is that the texture won’t separate, making it ideal for various desserts, unlike regular whipped cream.

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