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Editorial Policy

You may be wondering, how is a reality like ConsciousEating actualized? Take a look behind the scenes by delving into our editorial and content process. We believe transparency to be a fundamental part of our work and we want to share with you how each article on our platform comes to be.

Our Content Policy

The end goal of every meal is to put delicious food on your plate. However, to reach that final result there are many other steps that come before, each of them just as important as the final one because they’re what makes your dish look and taste as good as it does.

ConsciousEating takes care of all those steps with you and for you. We put our focus on the best ingredients, the best substitutes, and the best kitchen tools and appliances, in order to make the cooking process as easy as possible for you.

Our team includes professionals with high qualifications in specific fields who put their long years of experience at your service to select only the best products both online and off.

Everything you find on ConsciousEating has been purchased and tested by our team in order to provide you with a complete and grounded review that takes into consideration all the main aspects and characteristics to consider when choosing that specific food or product.

Our Review Process

At ConsciousEating we take care of everything revolving around the kitchen and the cooking process, including kitchen appliances. That’s why on our website you will sometimes find product reviews.

The selection of products we review is independent and based exclusively on what we believe to be the best purchase options.

On some of these products, we might receive an affiliate commission if you decide to click on the link provided and purchase the recommended item, but it has nothing to do with the reason why we recommend the product in the first place.

We strive to help you find the best products for your life, whether or not we’re able to earn some revenue from them.

Conscious Eating Team scouts the products to review through skillful and in-depth research of the current market, using their expertise to select those products that match our strict criteria.

When writing a review, we take into consideration the quality, price, and functionality of the product, but also other important characteristics like how easy it is to use and clean. That’s how we’re able to provide a complete overview of each product and make it easier for you to choose the ones that fit your needs.

Why You Should Trust Us

Each article on ConsciousEating is the result of the hard work of our professional team, whose aim is to make sure you enjoy each and every one of your meals and only make smart purchases.

We do not take free samples and are not paid to promote a product rather than another. All of our content is completely independent and every decision is taken within our team of experts without any external influence.

Our website was created with the purpose of making your life easier and your cooking experience a pleasant one. Welcome to ConsciousEating!

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