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Meet the Team

ConsciousEating is the product of the joint effort of our editorial team, a group of seasoned experts who have come together through their passion for good food and helping others navigate the cooking world.

The core of our rock star team includes:

Michael Cook

mcook headshot

Co-Founder and Chief Editor

Michael’s passion for cooking dates back to his early childhood when his grandmother used to let him in on all her kitchen secrets. He especially enjoyed how a well-made meal could easily put a smile on people’s faces and understood since then that cooking was much more than a boring part of one’s daily routine.

Growing up, Michael’s life took a different route, but cooking remained an important part of his life and one of his main hobbies, to the point where he regularly attended cooking classes in the evening, after work. It was during one of these classes that Michael realized how much he wanted to turn his passion and his skills into a job. Not long after that, ConsciousEating was born.

Andrew Carter

andrew kitchenCo-Founder and Former Private Chef

After acquiring a professional culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America, Andrew honed his culinary expertise by working in some of the most prestigious restaurants and catering companies, where he gained valuable experience in crafting delicious and visually stunning gourmet dishes.

Armed with this knowledge, in 2004, he established his own personal chef business, specializing in creating bespoke gourmet dinner parties.

His extensive experience and exceptional skills in the culinary arts make him a highly knowledgeable, authoritative, and trustworthy figure in the world of cooking.

Melanie Johnson

melanie kitchen

Recipes Expert

Melanie’s experience and expertise in the culinary world is truly impressive.

Her years of working as a chef in high-end restaurants have provided her with a deep understanding of the finer points of cooking, and she has honed her skills to perfection.

Her ability to work with a wide variety of ingredients and her creative approach to recipe development has made her a sought-after chef in the industry.

As a graduate of a prestigious culinary school, Melanie also has a strong foundation in the fundamentals of cooking, as well as a passion for teaching others.

Sarah Johnson

Contributing editor

Sarah has worked as a chef for over 10 years and has collaborated with several websites and publications as a ghostwriter. After graduating from culinary school, she has always worked as a chef in high-end restaurants and has taught cooking classes across the country.

After setting down in California, Sarah started her own catering business and has been writing for ConsciousEating since its beginnings, bringing her years of experience to the table when it comes to ingredients, recipes, and culinary advice.

Lucas Graham

Contributing editor

With a Bachelor of Engineering and a good eye for technology, Lucas is the go-to man for product reviews. He likes to call himself a ‘tech freak’ and if you ask him anything about whatever tech-trend is on these days, he will likely go on for hours.

Apart from his passion for technology, Lucas has worked in an appliance store for many years and is also an over-enthusiastic foodie. He considers his job at ConsciousEating a ‘dream come true’ because it allows him to explore the two things he loves the most in the world: technology and food.

If you wish to know more about ConsciousEating or about our editorial process, feel free to check our About Us page and our Editorial Guidelines.

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