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Cheese Toastie vs Grilled Cheese: 9 Main Differences

Grilled cheese is undeniably one of the best comfort foods.

It is a very popular choice for many Americans for breakfast, brunch, or even lunch.

This sandwich has been around for decades and has been a great way to enjoy American cheese quickly and effortlessly.

But then you keep hearing about toasties and their melted cheese.

This makes you wonder whether cheese toasties and grilled cheese are the same.

If you share the same thoughts, you are in the right place.

We will break down everything about the cheese toastie vs. grilled cheese debate.

So stay tuned!

Cheese Toastie vs Grilled Cheese
The main differences between a Cheese toastie and Grilled cheese are origin, appearance, buttering, color, cooking method, cooking time, varieties, flavor, and nutritional value. Both have melted cheese, but a cheese toastie is topped with cheese, while grilled cheese has cheese filling.

What is a Cheese Toastie?

Cheese toasties are one of the most popular British foods.

The Brits consider toasties their version of American grilled cheese.

But in America, cheese toasties, or toasted cheese, are not the same as grilled cheese.

They are slightly different in ingredients, appearance, and taste.

First of all, these are classic comfort foods in the U.K. and some European countries.

Unlike a grilled cheese sandwich, it is commonly served as a breakfast item.

However, in America, it is not a sandwich.

In America, a cheese toastie is made by placing a slice of cheese on top of the bread.

This explains how this simple snack got its name.

The classic cheese toastie is not made of a specific type of bread.

Any type available will do the deed.

However, cheese on toast is the most common type of cheese toastie.

But before placing the cheese, you will have to butter the slice.

Then, it would be best if you toasted the bread slice in a toaster.

The last step is to place your choice of cheese in the oven and let it melt for around 7–10 minutes.

What is Grilled Cheese?

A grilled cheese sandwich is known for its tasty melted cheese and attractive golden brown color.

The recipe belongs to American cuisine.

This sandwich has simple ingredients: cheese, butter, and two pieces of bread.

One of the things that cause the most confusion about this American dish is its name.

Many people think that a grilled cheese sandwich contains grilled slices of cheese.

But this entire sandwich is grilled, or more accurately, fried.

You will only need a little time, with no equipment, to make this delicious dish.

The first step in making this sandwich is to butter the outsides of the bread slices.

It would be best if you don’t forget that you will need two pieces of bread in this case.

Then you will place the buttered side directly on the preheated pan.

Then you’ll layer on the cheese slices.

Finally, you will put the second slice on, but ensure that the unbuttered side faces the cheese.

The first slice will turn brownish and crispy in about 1-2 minutes.

So, it is time to flip the sandwich to the other buttered side.

When it comes to cheese options, there are no rules.

You can treat yourself to at least two slices of your favorite type of cheese.

Many people adore the American cheese in this sandwich.

But feel free to replace American cheese with cheddar or mozzarella.

You can even create a mix of them if you are a true cheese lover.

What are the Differences between Cheese Toastie and Grilled Cheese?

The debate over cheese toastie vs. grilled cheese seems to be going on forever.

With many people believing two names describe one item, it doesn’t seem easy to settle this debate.

Both sandwiches have melted cheese and bread.

But an in-depth look can reveal major differences.

1. Origin

Cheese toasties originated in the U.K.

The word “toastie” there refers to different types of snacks with bread and different toppings.

In the U.S., cheese toasties are often called “toasted cheese.

On the other hand, grilled cheese is a popular snack food that comes from the U.S.

2. Appearance

You can identify these two comfort food options by their appearance.

A cheese toastie is not a sandwich, as it does not have two slices of bread.

There is only one slice with cheese on top.

Grilled cheese is a sandwich with two bread slices and melted cheese filling.

3. Buttering

While butter is a main component in both recipes, it is not used the same way.

Cheese toasties must be buttered from the inside.

A grilled cheese sandwich is buttered from the outside.

4. Color

Another notable difference between a cheese toastie and a grilled cheese sandwich is their color.

A grilled cheese sandwich will have a golden brown color from frying.

On the other hand, a cheese toastie does not necessarily have a different color, as the bread is not directly exposed to heat.

A cheese toastie will have the color of white bread on the bottom and the color of yellow cheese on top.

5. Cooking method

Both are cooked in different ways.

A toastie can be cooked in different ways.

But the most common way is to cook it in the oven or a sandwich toaster.

On the other hand, grilled cheese is cooked in a pan on the stove.

6. Cooking time

Cooking a cheese toastie takes more time than a grilled cheese sandwich.

When you fry your grilled cheese, it only takes a couple of minutes on each side.

A cheese toastie in the oven can take up to 10 minutes until the cheese melts.

7. Varieties

At first, a grilled cheese sandwich might seem simple, but it can have many add-ons to indulge the flavor even more.

For instance, you can add tomatoes, onions, carrots, and even mushrooms to the original filling.

These extras can transform the sandwich into a beneficial food.

A cheese toastie does not accept add-ons, as it is not a sandwich.

So, there is only one form of it.

8. Flavor

You might think the melted cheese tastes the same in both options, but you’re mistaken.

Cheese toasties will have a drier texture and a chewier taste.

Grilled cheese, however, is stretchy, crispy, and cheesier.

9. Nutritional value

As a sandwich, grilled cheese will give you more calories and carbs.

It can also give you more calcium and fat and contain more cheese.

Combining cheese with add-ons like veggies or proteins can make grilled cheese a nutritious dish.

A toastie will have less nutritional value.

It is more of a snack than a meal.

Cheese Toastie vs. Grilled Cheese: are they the same?

Both of these popular snack food are different types of comfort food.

They come from different cuisines and are cooked differently.

At first glance, they appear similar because they both contain melted cheese and bread, but they taste very different.

Grilled cheese will have a buttery, richer taste, while a Toastie will feel drier and less buttery.

Last but not least, you can combine your grilled cheese with veggies, proteins, and even fruits.

A Cheese toastie does not offer such flexibility.

It is only a slice of bread with cheese on top.

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