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Steakburger vs Hamburger: 8 Crucial Differences To Know Now

Are you in the mood for something juicy and delicious?

You will automatically think of burgers.

However, you might be confused about the type of burger you would choose.

You might think all burgers are the same, and a steak burger is the same as a hamburger.

However, they are different types of burgers.

Hamburgers and Steakburgers come from the same animal, a cow.

However, the cuts are not the same, and thus, the tastes will not be the same.

If you are curious about what to do, this article will give you some insight.

So keep reading to learn more about the differences between steak- and hamburgers.

Steakburger vs. Hamburger
The main differences between a Steakburger and a Hamburger are their taste, juiciness, flavor, price, popularity, cooking method, and effect on health. Both burgers could come from the same animal, but the steak burger comes from the rib eye, while a hamburger comes from the trimmings.

What is a Steakburger?

At first, you might think that a steakburger is made of steak.

This is the correct conception.

However, it is not a cooked steak.

It is indeed a steak cut, but it is cooked differently.

Steakburger sandwiches appeared on the cooking scene in the early 1930s.

They were initially served at steakhouses, which explains the name and different cooking methods.

The steak in these burger sandwiches is not served as a whole piece.

The beef is always ground and turned into the standard patty shape. 

The meat of a steak burger usually comes from a ribeye, T-bone, or filet. 

The meat cut, toppings, and overall quality of a steak burger sandwich make it a more sophisticated choice.

This is why it is often served in steakhouses.

You can also find grilled steak burgers on the menus of many fine-dining restaurants.

You can find steak burgers served in sandwiches or as a piece of meat without bread.

However, steak burgers are usually accompanied by gravy to make them tender and juicy.

What is a Hamburger?

A hamburger, or in this case, a beef burger, is one of the most popular fast food meals all over the world.

It is a round piece of minced meat served in buns with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and some sauces.

Hamburgers are usually made from trimmings.

Hamburgers are usually juicier due to their higher fat content, as beef trimmings are always rich in fat.

This specific type of meat is always an ideal choice for grinding and mincing.

The traditional way of making a conventional hamburger is by adding onions and spices to the meat.

The recipe for hamburgers came to the U.S. with German immigrants.

The dish was initially developed in Hamburg; this is how it got its name.

Hamburger sandwiches are flexible when it comes to adding toppings and extras.

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can add other items despite common sandwich ingredients.  

What are the Differences between a Steakburger and a Hamburger?

Despite the common misconception that burgers are the same thing with different labels, steakburgers and hamburgers are proof of this wrong belief.

These two are different on various levels.

You can easily tell their differences regarding tastes, but there are further distinctions.

1. Taste

Taste is a matter of personal perspective.

However, the taste of a steakburger is usually better due to the fine cut of meat.

Steakburgers are made from ribeye or filets, whereas hamburgers are made from ground trimming.

So, such a difference in meat quality is reflected in the taste.

2. Juiciness

Usually, hamburgers, when prepared correctly, becomes juicer.

Each hamburger contains a higher percentage of fat compared to meat. 

 A steakburger is made of fine cuts that contain very little fat content.

Adding gravy sauce to a steakburger is very common when it is not mandatory with hamburgers.

3. Meat flavor

While both burgers are made of beef cuts, they taste differently.

The cut of each burger type controls its flavor.

Typically, Steakburgers will have a richer flavor, as it is only a higher-quality meat cut without outside additions.

On the other hand, Hamburgers are made from meat trimmings, which are not rich in flavor.

Other ingredients, such as onion and eggs, are added to substitute for the non-present flavor.

Also, species like pepper and garlic powder are included in the recipe.

So, the meat flavor in hamburgers is not the base of the meal.

4. Origin

The origin of a Steakburger is entirely different from that of a Hamburger.

First, the Hamburger recipe is way older than the Steakburger.

German citizens of the city of Hamburg in Germany invented the hamburger.

The history of hamburger recipes dates back to the 18th century.

On the other hand, steakburgers were made in the U.S. in the early or mid-1930s.

It was improvised at steakhouses.

The steakburger recipe became very popular in Chicago before finding its way throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

5. Price

Hamburger sandwiches are considered very cheap.

Authentic steak burgers are very expensive due to the nature of the steak cut.

6. Popularity

Hamburger sandwiches are more popular than steakburgers.

This is not a matter of taste but of cost and availability.

Hamburgers are found in fast-food joints and casual eateries.

On the other hand, steakburgers are served in steakhouses and some fine dining restaurants.

7. Cooking method

There is no ideal way of cooking and serving hamburgers or steakburgers.

However, the vast majority of recipes indicate that ideal steakburgers should be cooked well, but there should be a small pink spot in the center of the patty.

This is the right way to avoid a super dry piece of steak.

On the other hand, Hamburgers should be cooked entirely without missing a spot.

This is because ground trimmings should be well cooked; otherwise, they could risk infecting you with harmful bacteria.

8. Effect on the health

Both burgers are rich in protein and iron, as they are red meat cuts.

This makes them a good meal that can provide the body with some nutrients.

However, there are better options than having either of them deep-fried.

This is the right thing to do to avoid a higher intake of trans fats. 

So, you’d better have grilled burgers.

In the case of grilled steakburgers, the fat content will be less than that of grilled hamburgers.

Of course, this is when you put the gravy aside.

Steakburger vs Hamburger: are they the same?

No, steakburgers and hamburgers are not the same.

They can come from the same cow or buffalo, but the source of both cuts is never the same.

Steakburgers are made of filet mignon, T-bone, or ribeye.

This is why steakburgers are expensive. 

Hamburgers are cheaper, as they come from ground trimmings.

Steakburgers are ideally cooked medium-well to avoid the meat’s dryness.

However, you can cook it through too.

On the other hand, Hamburgers should always be well cooked to prevent health problems associated with undercooked meat.

Steakburgers are tastier but less juicy than hamburgers.

Eating a steak burger is only about the taste of the meat, as there are no added spices or flavors.

So, it has a more robust or authentic flavor, while hamburgers contain added spices, onions, and other flavors.

That being said, steakburgers are less popular.

Lastly, Steakburgers are an all-American recipe developed in the 1930s, whereas hamburgers are a German dish from the 18th century that spread worldwide.

The former is served at steakhouses, while the latter is commonly found at junk food eateries.

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