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Caputo Blue vs Caputo Red: 7 Differences You Need to Know

You can’t go wrong with a quality product from Caputo when choosing the right flour for your pizzeria or bakery.

But it might be challenging to decide which one is appropriate for your requirements given the wide range of possibilities available.

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at two popular types of flour for pizza dough: Caputo blue and Caputo red.

We’ll compare and contrast the two flours, so you can decide which one is right for your next pizza night!

Both of these flours are made by the Caputo company, which has been making flour for over 100 years.

The company is based in Naples, Italy, and it is considered by many to be the gold standard when it comes to pizza flour.  

Whether you’re a casual pizza fan or a hardcore dough connoisseur, this post will have something for you.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the world of pizza dough to explore the difference between Caputo blue and Caputo red pizza flour.

Caputo blue and Caputo red are two types of flour that are often used for pizza dough.

Both flours are made by the Caputo mill in Italy and are milled from durum wheat.

Durum wheat is a kind of wheat with a high protein level, making it perfect for producing bread.

The protein content also gives both Caputo flours their unique yellow color

Caputo Blue vs. Red
The main differences between Caputo blue and Caputo red are the grind size, flavor, texture, protein content, stretching, gluten content, and price. Caputo blue is a higher-protein flour designed for very thin crust pizzas, while Caputo red is a lower-protein flour better suited for thicker crust pizzas.

What is Caputo Blue?

Caputo blue is a type of wheat flour that is milled in Italy.

It is made from a blend of hard and soft wheat, which gives it a high protein content.

This flour is well suited for pizza dough because it can produce a crispy crust.

It is an excellent option for inexperienced pizza makers because it is relatively simple.

What is Caputo Red?

Caputo red is also a type of wheat flour milled in Italy.

However, it is made from only hard wheat, which gives it a slightly lower protein content than blue flour.

This flour tends to produce a less sticky and more elastic dough, so it is often used for thinner crust pizzas.

Because it takes longer to achieve the desired consistency, it may not be the best choice for novice pizza makers. 

What are the differences between Caputo Blue and Caputo Red

Caputo blue and Caputo red are two types of wheat flour that are commonly used in pizza dough.

Although they are both manufactured from wheat, they differ in a few significant ways that make them more suitable for particular applications.

1. The Grind size

The main difference is in the grind size.

Caputo red is milled to a much finer grind than Caputo blue, which results in a higher absorption rate.

This means that dough made with Caputo red will require less water overall.

As a result, pizza dough made with Caputo red will be less sticky and easier

2. The Flavor

Another factor to consider is flavor.

Both flours produce excellent results, but some prefer Caputo Blue flavor over Caputo Red (and vice versa). 

Since it comes down to personal preference, we advise testing both flours to see which one you prefer.

When you sample a pizza prepared with Caputo red flour, you’ll first notice that it tastes a little bit sweeter than a pizza made with Caputo blue flour.

This is because the red wheat used to make the flour has a higher sugar content than the strain of grain used to make the blue flour.

3. The Texture

One of the most significant differences between these two flours is texture.

Blue Caputo flour is milled to a finer consistency than red Caputo flour, making the dough less sticky and simpler to handle.

If you’re new to making pizza dough, you might find the blue dough easier to stretch and shape. 

However, if you prefer a chewier crust, you’ll want to go with the red flour. 

4. The Protein content

First, consider the protein content of each flour. Caputo Blue has a higher protein content than Caputo Red, which produces a higher volume of dough.

Caputo blue has a protein content of around 13.5%, while Caputo red has a protein content of approximately 11.5%.

Although it might not seem like much of a change, this significantly influences the outcome.

Caputo Blue is your best option if you’re aiming for a thin, airy crust.

However, you might want to go with Caputo Red after a crispier crust. 

5. The Stretching

Pizza dough made with high-protein flour (like Caputo blue) will be much more elastic than dough made with low-protein flour (like Caputo red).

It will be easier to stretch out into a thin, even layer without tearing.

However, the high-protein dough is also more likely to shrink back while cooking, so it’s important to pre-stretch the dough before adding any toppings. 

Pizza dough with low protein content, such as Caputo red, will be less elastic and more likely to rip when stretched out.

However, it’s also less likely to shrink back while cooking, so you can shape it into your desired thickness without pre-stretching it. 

6. The Gluten Content

Caputo red and blue flours have a high gluten content, which means they produce a crispy crust when used correctly.

However, the red flour has a slightly higher gluten content than the blue, so if you’re looking for an ultra-crisp crust, you’ll want to use the red flour.

Take care not to overwork the dough since it will result in a tough crust.

7. The Price

Finally, while selecting any product, pricing is always a factor.

Fortunately, Caputo Blue and Caputo Red are reasonably priced and offer excellent value for money.

So whichever flour you choose, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product at a great price. 

Caputo Blue vs Caputo Red: Are they the same?

The most crucial component in every pizzeria’s pantry is flour. 

The flour you use will significantly impact your dough and, ultimately, your pizzas.

The most crucial component in every pizzeria’s pantry is flour.

For example, if you’re looking for a crispy crust, you’ll want to use a different type of flour than if you’re going for a chewy crust

So when choosing between Caputo Blue and Caputo Red, there are a few key factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Caputo red is an easy-to-use dough with a sweeter flavor, while Caputo blue is a chewier crust with a more subtle flavor.
  • Caputo red is milled to a finer consistency than Caputo blue, which results in a less sticky dough that is easier to work with. 
  • Caputo blue has a higher protein content than Caputo red, which produces a higher volume of dough.
  • Caputo blue has a light and airy crust, while Caputo red has a crispier crust. 

Caputo Blue and Caputo red are excellent choices for any baker or pizza chef looking for high-quality flour. 

While they have some differences—protein content, flavor, etc.- they are both reasonably priced and offer great value for money.

So ultimately, the choice between them comes down to personal preference.

We recommend trying out both flours to see which one you like best!

So there you have it!

Now that you are aware of the many kinds of flour used in pizza dough and how they differ from one another.

You may select the ideal flour for your upcoming pizza masterpiece with your newfound knowledge. 

Bon appetit!

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