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The 9 Best Tabasco Substitutes For Your Recipes

Are you preparing a delicious and spicy dish but realize that you are out of Tabasco sauce? Don’t worry we have all the best Tabasco substitutes you can use to make the food delicious and spicy.

While we agree that Tabasco has that unique sour flavor with added spiciness, there are some replacements that can do the job even better.

So, without further ado let’s jump right into the topic and find out more about this incredible ingredient. 

The best substitutes for tabasco 

Tabasco is one of those sauces that has a unique flavor that is a great addition to many soups, meats, vegetables, sandwiches, and even salads. 

It has a combination of sour and spicy so if you are looking for the best Tabasco sauce alternative you might want to consider those ingredients.

The secret to the delicious flavor in Tabasco sauce is aging in Jack Daniels whiskey barrels for two years which gives it that amazing aroma, earthy tones, and tanginess.

The sauce is known to be very overpowering and you need just a few drops in any dish to make it hot and flavorful. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a replacement as you will need to adjust the amount used in every dish.

Tabasco is used all around the world, but it’s famous in countries where spicy food is a staple like Asian countries, Mexico, and other places. This is why every country will have a different Tabasco sauce substitute and we will discover them all today. Let’s get started!

1. Cholula

Cholula sauce is also known as Louisiana hot sauce, so you might find it under that name in stores. It’s one of the best Tabasco sauce replacements and number one on our list because it has a similar blend of vinegar and peppers.

Peppers used in these two sauces might be different but the end result is very much alike. Cholula is made from Cayenne peppers and most people will be able to endure the heat. With added tangy vinegar this is a great addition to Southern dishes and Cajun foods.

The best way to use Cholula is in dishes like chili where it will bring all the flavors together and add spiciness, but not overwhelm the dish. But most people will use it in any dish that calls for that hot pepper flavor.

2. Sriracha

Sriracha is one more amazing sauce and a perfect Tabasco sauce replacement because it will bring the spice without the vinegary taste. 

It might have some additional flavors like red jalapenos and garlic so keep that in mind when you are preparing your favorite dish.

Moreover, Sriracha can be a bit thicker than Tabasco sauce and that can change the texture of your dish. But if you love the heat and flavor of peppers, and could live without the sour and vinegar part, this is the Tabasco alternative for you.

Sriracha can be used in any dish, but it’s amazing with white rice and stir-fries

3. Asian Chili Garlic sauce

This sauce is an amazing substitute for Tabasco sauce and it’s the perfect addition to all of your Asian recipes and dishes. The Asian Chili Garlic sauce is made from chilies, garlic, salt, sugar, and vinegar and it can be great for stir-fries and stews.

In addition, this sauce also has cornstarch so it will be a great thickening agent to your dishes, but keep this in mind if the consistency and texture are important.

Just like you can make a homemade Tabasco sauce, you can make your own Asian Chili Garlic sauce in a few minutes and enjoy the flavor and aroma it brings to any dish.

4. Worcestershire sauce 

The sauce we all have a problem pronouncing might be a great solution if you are looking for a Tabasco replacement. It also has salt, vinegar, chili pepper extract but in addition, there are molasses, anchovies, garlic, and a few more ingredients added.

It’s usually less spicy than Tabasco but has more salt, so you will need to adjust the other ingredients in the recipe if you want to have a similar taste in the end.

It will go great with meat, BBQ sauces, salads, soups, and broths. Just use it sparingly until you achieve the perfect flavor.

5. Chili oil

If the main focus of your dish is a hot flavor that peppers in the Tabasco sauce bring you will love chili oil as a replacement. This oil is usually easy to find and it goes great with Asian cuisine. 

Keep in mind that, as the name implies, it is oil-based and will change the consistency of the dish, so it’s the best substitute in stir-fries and stews where additional oil will not be a problem. 

If you want to make it tangier you can always add a dash of vinegar.

6. Cayenne pepper

Because we are looking for that hot pepper replacement you might just have the best solution in your spice rack. A few dashes of Cayenne pepper flakes or powder can substitute Tabasco just fine.

Keep in mind that you need just a little Cayenne pepper for the perfect taste, so begin with just a quarter of a teaspoon. 

If you like the tangy taste that Tabasco has you can always add a bit of vinegar to the mix and make it more like the famous sauce. Keep in mind that this replacement doesn’t have the same consistency, so adjust other ingredients like salt and water to your taste.

7. Ketchup

This might surprise you but ketchup, with the addition of a few more ingredients, can be the perfect substitute for Tabasco sauce if you are in a pinch and need it right away. 

Ketchup will bring that salty and tangy flavor, and if you add some peppers like Cayenne or red chilly flakes with a dash of oil you will have the best sauce.

The good news is you can make it in a batch and store it in the fridge for a very long time and have it as a replacement in any dish that calls for the Tabasco sauce.

8. Texas Pete

Since we mentioned that Tabasco sauce is used all around the world we need to find the perfect replacement in the US. This is where Texas Pete and the original hot sauce come into play.

The peppers in this sauce are fermented and it will bring a full and balanced flavor to any dish. It might not be as tangy as Tabasco sauce, but with an added tablespoon of vinegar, you will be good to go. 

Texas Pete is a great addition to many dishes, but it’s especially used with BBQ meats and marinades. 

9. Frank’s Red Hot sauce

If you like the vinegar taste that Tabasco brings to the table then you will love Frank’s Red Hot sauce because it’s more tangy and delicious. This is one of the replacements for Tabasco in the United States and staple in many houses.

It can be used to marinade meats, make BBQ, and add to any dish that would usually call for Tabasco. Just keep in mind that the consistency is thicker and you need to test out the flavor by adding just a little bit to start.

How to choose a tabasco substitute

Choosing the best Tabasco substitute might not be as easy as you might think and this is why we mentioned all the available options. Now, that we know what can be used, we can discuss a bit more about the dishes and the best replacement.

How to choose the substitute depends on what you are planing to do with your Tabasco sauce, because this is one versatile ingredient. 

If you are about to make some Asian dishes or need to replace Tabasco in stir-fry, chili, pasta, or curry you will need Sriracha, Chili oil, or Asian Chili Garlic sauce. While you can practically use any of our suggestions, these ones will be the best options.

On the other hand, if you are getting some marinades and meat ready for the BBQ you might want to substitute Tabasco with Frank’s Red Hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, or Texas Pete. The sauces will marinate the meat perfectly and get the right amount of spice after grilling. 

Since Tabasco is a welcomed addition to tacos, fajitas, and burritos you might want to look for an adequate replacement that will bring heat to the dish. You can use cayenne pepper flakes or powder, ketchup with added spices, or any of the ready-made sauces we mentioned.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for the best replacement for Tabasco in any dish imaginable you will love Cholula. This might not be a popular sauce but people love to put it in their recipes and often say that it tastes even better than Tabasco.

Keep in mind that each meal you cook will need to be modified with additional components such as salt and vinegar to get the Tabasco flavor, but you can easily make it work even if you just have a few ingredients on hand.

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