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Wrap vs Burrito: 6 Crucial Differences You Need To Know Now

At first glance, you can easily mistake a wrap for a burrito and vice versa.

These dishes are similar in appearance, but they are not identical.

Serving is one of the most noticeable differences that can distinguish them.

Furthermore, the fillings of each item can cause them to be dissimilar.

We will give you in-depth insight if you are interested in the differences between a wrap and a burrito.

We will make an extensive explanation in this comparison.

So read on to know all the differences.

Wrap vs. Burrito
The main differences between a Wrap and a Burrito are their origin, serving, filling, health benefits, size, and diversity. Both are folded in tortillas, but a wrap contains salads, while a burrito contains rice, cheese, and salsa.

What is a Wrap?

A wrap is not a single type of sandwich, as it can be any flatbread. 

Tortillas are the most common type of bread used in making sandwich wraps.

Flatbread used in making wraps can be leavened, which means that its dough contains a raising agent, e.g., yeast.

It can also be made with unleavened bread.

A wrap sandwich can contain various fillings.

It spreads the flatbread layer and fills it with meat, chicken, fish, or salad.

Then you can add the desired dressing or salad to make the sandwich tastier and juicer.

The final step is wrapping the bread without letting the filling fall out.  

One of the most common ways to eat a sandwich wrap is when it is cold.

Heating the sandwich is optional and won’t make the sandwich any less delicious.

Regardless of the wrap’s filling, it is always a popular choice for brunches or lunches.

What is a Burrito?

If you are a true fan of Tex-Mex cuisine, you will be familiar with burritos.

It is a rolled sandwich that is commonly made with tortilla bread.

Originally, burritos were filled with minced beef, salads, and sauces.

However, it is now more common to see burritos with various fillings, including poultry, fish, and meat.

In Spanish, “burrito” means “little donkey,” which is typically irrelevant to the sandwich and its ingredients.

Despite being a highly preferred meal in Northern Mexico, the burrito only found its way to American eateries a couple of decades ago.

The recipe for burritos has been around since the 1890s.

The original burrito common in Mexico is not as thick as those served in the U.S.

The differences in the thickness of both varieties come from the fillings’ nature.

The thicker version is filled with a protein source and salads, and the thinner burritos are only filled with a protein source.

What are the Differences between a Wrap and a Burrito?

Using wheat tortillas and wrapping them make a wrap sandwich and a burrito look similar.

Despite all the similarities, you can notice that both meals are different on many levels.

1. Origin

One of the most common differences between a wrap sandwich and a burrito is their geographic origin.

Despite being very common worldwide, both meals originated in different countries.

The wrap sandwich is believed to be an American sandwich.

California, in particular, is considered the birthplace of this sandwich.

Burritos, on the other hand, are authentic Mexican sandwiches. 

It is a popular Tex-Mex ingredient that is thought to have originated in Northern Mexico.

2. Serving

Serving is an essential difference between a wrap and a burrito.

Burrito is always served hot.

It is rare to find cold burritos, unlike wraps.

They are always served cold.

3. Filling

The insides of both a wrap and a burrito are different.

The traditional Mexican filling for a burrito consists of meat, fish, or chicken with rice and beans.

Also, cheese and salsa are the main ingredients in all burritos, which are not found in all other wraps.

However, you can find thin burritos that only consist of meat.

On the other hand, a wrap sandwich does not necessarily have to consist of meat.

It can be a salad wrap.

If you want a meat wrap, it usually comes with a sauce or a dressing.

4. Health benefits

In general, a wrap can be healthier than a burrito.

You can find many types of wraps that won’t contradict special diets. 

Burritos, on the other hand, are not always the healthiest option.

They contain rice and molten cheese, and they can also be fried.

However, you can count on burritos to provide a rich and somehow balanced meal.

A basic burrito usually contains important elements such as protein, fat, and carbs.

5. Size

As you already know, an authentic burrito is thin, but one made in the U.S. is relatively thick.

This makes a wrap thinner and smaller than the common burritos.

You can cut a thick burrito into two halves, but you can’t do the same with a petite wrap.

6. Diversity

At this point, a wrap sandwich is a winner.

Wraps are ultimately diverse and offer different options.

You can fold anything you want into a tortilla and call it a wrap.

You can’t have the same experience with a burrito; this dish has a system and fixed rules for fillings.

Wrap vs. Burrito: are they the same?

A Wrap and a Burrito are different types of sandwiches.

They are both baked in the same baking dish.

Also, they are both very popular.

But this is everything there is to the similarity thing.

They have different fillings and origins.

The fillings of burritos are fixed, while a wrap is more random.

More importantly, a burrito is always hot, while a wrap is more acceptable as a cold sandwich.

Some kinds of wraps are healthier than a standard burrito.

However, a burrito can make a hungry person more content and be considered a whole meal.

On a broader spectrum, you can consider burritos as a wrap sandwich.

However, it won’t work the other way around.

You can find diverse variations of wraps, but burritos do not offer such diversity.

Lastly, in the U.S., a wrap is smaller and thinner than a burrito.

In Mexico, you will find thin burritos that only contain meat, without rice or beans.

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