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Smash Burger vs Regular Burger: 6 Main Differences To Know

Burgers are a trendy type of fast food all over the world.

The round, thick patty with its mouthwatering juiciness can indulge your taste buds and make a hungry stomach full.

But then you keep hearing about Smash burgers and their slightly crispy outside layer and wonder if they are similar.

Smash and regular burgers are similar in some aspects but differ on many levels too.

Keep reading this post if you are curious about smash and regular burgers.

We will make an in-depth comparison and discuss all the differences.

Smash Burger vs. Regular Burger
The main differences between a Smash burger and a Regular burger are their origin, history, appearance, cooking time, cheese type, and taste. Both are burgers, but smash burgers are thinner and not as perfectly round as thick regular burger patties. 

What is a Smash Burger?

A smash burger is simply a patty that has been smashed until it is flat and thin.

This popular burger trend began in a fast food joint in Denver, Colorado.

However, the Smash Burger recipe quickly spread throughout the world.

Smash burgers are made of ground beef.

The best type of beef to make a smash burger is fatty ground beef. 

Fat adds more juiciness and contributes to the required browning.

Smash burgers are prepared on grills, steel griddles, or electric griddles.

Cooking a successful smash burger requires creating a caramelized crust covering the round patty.

Then, the patty gets topped with the desired extras.

The cheese topping is there, but you can add different sauces and veggies.

The main requirement for properly cooking a smash burger is to place the patty on a hot grill or griddle that has been preheated.

This is how it gains its crispy layer and brownish exterior.

Once the patty is placed on heat, it gets pressed before it starts cooking.

Despite what many people think, smash burger is not a fad.

The concept of smash burgers emerged back in the 1950s. 

However, it came into the spotlight in 2007.

Smash Burger offers high flexibility when it comes to toppings.

However, it goes well with its smash sauce.

It is a blend of mayonnaise and mustard, with small pieces of dill pickles and a few drops of pickle water.

What is a Regular Burger?

Regular burgers, also known as hamburgers, are the traditional round patties that have been around for centuries.

They maintain their thick texture and won’t get mashed down.

Burgers are among the most popular sandwiches all over the world.

It is made of fatty ground beef, particularly chuck meat.

Burgers are placed between sesame-covered buns and come with various toppings.

Also, it can be made from other types of ground meat.

It can be made of pork, bison, buffalo, poultry, or elk, but these are not as common as beef burgers.

One of the most common misconceptions about hamburgers is that they are named after ham.

However, this is far from true.

Hamburger got this name from a city in Germany, where the story of making burgers began.

The German city of Hamburg is believed to be the birthplace of burgers as we know them.

What are the Differences between Smash Burger and Regular Burger?

Generally, smash and regular burgers are the stars of the fast food world.

These two have a lot in common.

Both are hamburgers.

However, they do not appear or taste the same.

Also, the two do not cook at the same time.

1. Origin

Smash burger is an All-American invention.

It was first created by the owners of a fast-food joint in Colorado.

There is some debate on the origins of regular burgers.

However, a popular story connects its roots to Hamburg in Germany.

2. History

Smash Burger has been around since the 1950s.

This makes it an old dish, but regular burgers are way older.

Due to the contradictions regarding their origins, there are different dates for the emergence of hamburgers.

Some evidence points out that traditional burgers first appeared in the 17th century.

Other evidence refers to the spread of cooked burgers in the late 1880s.

3. Appearance

Both varieties are indeed round, but they do not appear the same at all.

First, regular burgers are perfectly round, whereas smash burgers are not perfectly round. 

Furthermore, smash burgers are much thinner and flatter than regular burger patties.

Smash burger patties must be mashed down with a spatula before cooking to gain their flat appearance.

4. Cooking time

This is a significant point in the smash burger vs. regular burger comparison.

Smash burgers cook faster than regular ones.

It usually takes about two minutes to cook a smash hamburger patty.

However, it can take one minute on each side if you want a medium rare patty.

On the other hand, regular burgers take around 3–4 minutes until they are well done.

This duration works for cooking each side.

5. Cheese type

This is one of the fundamental differences between a smash and regular burgers.

The tastiest burgers are indeed topped with American cheese.

However, regular burgers offer more flexibility in this matter. 

Classic cheeseburgers won’t mind being topped with Swiss or Cheddar cheeses.

In contrast, smashed burgers are typically topped with only American cheese.

This is because American cheese melts very fast.

This quick melting suits the rapid cooking of smash burgers.

6. Taste

While both burger types are considered delicious, many believe that smash burgers have a better flavor.

This is due to the crispy outer layer and the increased brown color of the meat in smash burgers.

Also, the reaction created when cooking smash burgers make the flavor stronger and more intense in a desirable way.

Smash Burger vs. Regular Burger: are they the same?

Smash and Regular burgers are not the same.

Some similarities make people believe they are alike.

However, each of them will give you a different taste and experience.

Smash burgers and regular burgers are tasty and juicy. 

Also, both of them come with similar toppings and extras.

However, you won’t find a thick smashed burger, as their thin appearance defines them.

Also, smash burgers start as thick patties pressed down to become very thin.

Thick burgers remain thick when raw and after cooking.

Besides, it takes less time to cook a smash burger, so you must be extra careful when cooking at home.

Lastly, regular burgers can have more types of cheese, while smash burgers have only American cheese.

So, with each burger variety, you will have a different experience whenever you go for a burger.

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