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How To Reheat Stuffed Peppers – The 3 Best Ways

Stuffed peppers are usually made with bell peppers or other types of big peppers, which are filled with meat, vegetables, and personalized additions.

There are many different recipes for stuffed peppers, because they make for a nutritious and delicious meal, and they can be saved for later too, as long as you reheat them properly.

What is the best way to reheat stuffed bell peppers? The best way to reheat stuffed peppers is to use the oven or the toaster oven, but if you’re in a hurry you can use the microwave, otherwise, if you want to experiment you can also try reheating stuffed peppers with an instant pot.

The Best Ways To Reheat Stuffed Peppers 

The main ingredient of stuffed peppers is a large pepper, so it’s impossible to make this dish in small quantities. In fact, more often than not you will have the pot full to the brim and a lot of leftovers.

The good news is that you can freeze stuffed peppers for later, and when frozen properly they can last up to 3 months. Instead, if you’re thinking of reheating stuffed peppers the next day, you can just let them rest in the fridge.

Whether you want to reheat stuffed green peppers, red peppers, or another type of filling pepper, you need to know that your options expand further than the microwave, even though the latter remains the quickest way to reheat your food.

In fact, you can also use your oven, toaster oven, or your instant pot to reheat frozen peppers. There is a trick for every method, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Read below to discover all the best tips to reheat stuffed peppers!

How to reheat frozen stuffed peppers in the instant pot 

The instant pot has many functions, but did you know that it’s really useful to reheat food as well?

You have several options when you want to reheat something with your instant pot, but the best ones are Steam, Keep Warm and Slow Cook.

We are going to show you how to reheat frozen stuffed peppers step-by-step with each option, then you can try them out with your instant pot and choose the one you like the most.

Even though we made this guide for frozen stuffed peppers, it goes without saying that all of the following procedures work better if your stuffed peppers aren’t completely frozen, because the instant pot is not a defrosting machine.

If you can, take your frozen stuffed peppers out a few hours before using the instant pot to reheat them. This rule applies to all frozen food that needs reheating, especially fried food.

Here are the steps to reheat refrigerated stuffed peppers with the Steam Function:

  1. The Steam Function turns the water inside the pot into hot air that wraps around and warms up your food. For this reason, even though frozen peppers do retain a little amount of ice that will turn into hot steam, it’s better to pour some liquid into the dish, or even better to have other small containers full of water around the stuffed peppers.
  2. Make sure the pot is not fully packed, ideally there should be some space around the peppers and between the peppers and the lid since the steam needs to wrap around them.
  3. If you need to reheat many stuffed peppers at once, it’s better to use stacking containers.
  4. Once the food is ready to be reheated, put the lid on and set the venting knob in the sealing position.
  5. Press the Steam button.
  6. Cooking time for non-frozen food is around 5 minutes, so add a few minutes as you see fit for the size and quantity of your frozen stuffed peppers.
  7. Once the reheating is complete, release pressure quickly.

The Steam Function is the best way to reheat food with your instant pot, but if you like slower cooking that you have more control over, then you should try the Slow Cook Function.

Here are the steps to reheat frozen stuffed peppers with the Slow Cook Function:

  1. The Slow Cook function is perfect for stuffed peppers and all those foods that require baking because it simulates cooking in the oven. Place your stuffed peppers in a container and insert them into your instant pot.
  2. Seal the pot with a glass lid (you can also use your regular lid, but with the glass one you can check the cooking).
  3. Press the Slow Cook button.
  4. Cooking time is usually the same as the oven or as a slow cooker, it should take around 20 minutes but it may vary.

Similar to the Slow Cook Function, the Keep Warm Function can be an alternative to the oven. Keep in mind that both of these methods work better with non-frozen food, but are perfect if you need to reheat stuffed peppers from the fridge.

Here are the steps to reheat stuffed peppers from the fridge with the Keep Warm Function:

  1. Place the stuffed peppers either in the pot or in a separate container.
  2. Place the container in the pot.
  3. Close with your preferred lid (a glass lid is recommended).
  4. Press the Keep Warm button.
  5. This method is really slow, probably slower than the Slow Cook Function. depending on how frozen your stuffed peppers are, it may take 20-30 minutes to reheat slowly.

How to reheat stuffed peppers in the oven 

Whether it’s your toaster or the most traditional model, the oven is the best way to reheat stuffed peppers, both frozen or non-frozen.

It does take a little longer than microwaving them, but the results are great. The best thing about reheating stuffed peppers in the oven is that you don’t need to take them out of the freezer in advance or defrost them in any way because you can simply adjust the cooking time accordingly

Here are the steps to reheat stuffed peppers in the oven:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place your stuffed peppers on a baking tray, arrange them so that there’s enough space between them and they’re all facing up, because otherwise, they may leak some liquids when heating.
  3. Cover the stuffed peppers with aluminum foil. If you have a container with a lid (for example, the one you use for casseroles), you can use that one instead of aluminum.
  4. Place the container in the oven and set the cooking time to 15 minutes. If you want, you can also choose the appropriate cooking preset. The most common Conventional Heating preset will do just fine, but you can choose a different one from experience or by consulting your oven guidebook.
  5. After 15 minutes, remove the aluminum foil (or the lid) and let the stuffed peppers reheat for another 5 minutes. This should give them a nice and tasty finishing touch.
  6. Take them out of the oven and serve.

How to reheat stuffed peppers in the microwave 

The first thing you need to know about reheating frozen stuffed peppers in the microwave is that this is not the best method to get tasty stuffed peppers.

When you reheat food in the microwave there is always the risk of it becoming too dry, mushy, or just overall not pleasant. Some foods withstand the microwave quite well, but vegetables aren’t among them.

The texture of peppers, in particular, might not be the best suited for this type of reheating. However, let’s say you’re in a pinch and you just need to warm up your non-frozen stuffed peppers a little. In that case, the microwave can be a solution.

The type of microwave we’re referring to is the average microwave that is mostly used for reheating. If you have an inverter microwave or a convection oven microwave, then you can be sure to get great results nonetheless.

The best thing about this method is that it is really convenient and time-saving, and you still get smoking hot and delicious stuffed peppers.

Follow our step-by-step guide if you want to avoid the most common mistakes, but remember that for better results you should use the oven or the instant pot.

Here are the steps to reheat stuffed peppers in the microwave:

  1. Place the stuffed peppers on a microwave-safe plate and make sure they are facing upward and have enough space between them. Do not put the peppers on top of each other or too close, you risk not heating them properly.
  2. Place the plate inside the microwave and use your preferred preset to reheat them for around 2 minutes on high heat.
  3. If the stuffed peppers aren’t well heated enough, you can try reheating for an additional 5-10 seconds. Do not reheat them for longer than 15 seconds at a time and always check the peppers in between.
  4. Take them out of the microwave and serve.

Can you reheat stuffed peppers? 

Yes, of course! And can you believe you can make them as delicious as if they were fresh? How? Just reheat your stuffed peppers in the oven!

The oven (or the toaster oven) remains the best way to reheat stuffed peppers, whether frozen or non-frozen. It does take longer than the microwave, but you’re guaranteed better results.

Nowadays, microwaves can replace basically anything in the kitchen, including us, so you may happen to have an inverter microwave or a convection oven microwave. In that case, you can safely reheat stuffed peppers with your unit and get a deliciously hot meal.

The same can’t be said for the average microwave, which could turn your stuffed peppers into a mushy and not-as-pleasant meal. That’s why we recommend either the oven or the instant pot.

That’s right, you can use your instant pot to reheat stuffed peppers, as well as many other foods. The three main functions to reheat stuffed peppers in the instant pot include Steam, Slow Cook and Keep Warm. Among them, the Steam Function is by far the best one.

Follow our guide on reheating stuffed peppers and you can be sure to enjoy a delicious peppery meal that tastes fresh and appetizing!

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