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Drumette vs Drumstick: 12 Differences You Need To Know Now

When it comes to eating chicken, foodies will have different preferences.

Some of them prefer drumsticks, while others adore drumettes.

At first, the similar names might imply they are the same thing.

However, they are different cuts of chicken—one from the upper part and the other from the lower part of a chicken leg.

This blog post will discuss everything related to drumette vs. drumstick.

So, whether you are a fan of drumettes or drumsticks, you will find a detailed comparison between these two delicious parts.

Drumette vs Drumstick
The main differences between a Drumette and a Drumstick are their meat cuts, type, price, appearance, taste, meat content, nutritional value, cooking time, cooking methods, uses, serving, and availability. They come from the same chicken, but a Drumette has white meat, while a Drumstick has dark meat.

What is a Drumette?

If you enjoy appetizers, you will love Chicken drumette.

They come at the top of the list of any appetizers menu.

Even though you won’t find the name “drumettes” listed in these menus, you have consumed them multiple times.

In restaurants, drumettes are often called “chicken dynamite lollipops.”

This commercial name can indicate the nature of drums or drumettes cut.

Typically, it is the upper area of any chicken wing.

As any chicken has two wings, it has two drumettes or drummies.

These tender pieces of meat are the most delicious part of the wing.

However, they do not have a fixed shape, but it is mostly served as a round piece of chicken.

In general, the drums are always connected to thin and thick ends.

The latter end connects the drum to the chicken’s breast, while the former connects it to the rest of the wing.

Drumettes got their name from looking somehow similar to the drumstick.

They look like miniature drumsticks.

The drums are easier to eat than the rest of the wing’s components.

They have more meat and almost no bones.

What is a Drumstick?

Drumsticks are easy to locate and identify.

They are also very popular and widely consumed all over the world.

Drumsticks are found in a chicken’s leg.

The legs consist of only two parts, the drumstick, and the thighs.

The drumsticks lie in the lowest area of a chicken’s leg.

A drumstick got its name due to its resemblance to the olden instrumental drumsticks.

These looked like mallets.

Drumsticks are cooked in various ways.

They are preferred as barbeque items or deep-fried snacks.

Drumsticks often come with their bone and skin, but still, they are easy to eat.

It is easy to munch on the meat around the bone, and the skin layer gives an extra crispy flavor.

Also, it protects the meat from becoming dry.

However, you can easily de-skin the drumsticks.

As for appearance, they are the smallest part of a leg with a slender shape.

Drumsticks have tender and lean meat that melts in the mouth.

The juicy drumsticks have high-fat content, which explains their deliciousness.

However, this fat makes the drumsticks not the healthiest part of the chicken.

It has a higher fat and lower fibers, especially compared to the breast.

What are the Differences between a Drumette and Drumstick?

When you hear the names drumettes and drumsticks for the first time, you might think they are the same.

But when you know their nature and experience their taste, you will be sure they are completely different.

There are two types of chicken eaters in this world.

There are team drumettes and team drumsticks.

You can decide which team you want to be on as you learn more about their differences.

1. Meat cuts

Drumettes and Drumsticks do not come from the same cut or area.

They lie on opposite ends of the chicken.

A drumette is part of a chicken’s wing, whereas the drumsticks are part of a chicken’s legs.

2. Meat type

A drumette and a drumstick can come from the same chicken.

However, their meat is different.

As a part of the upper body of a chicken, a drumette will have white meat.

This is the same type of meat in the chicken’s breast.

On the other hand, a drumstick has dark meat with a reddish shade.

This results from having higher levels of myoglobin, responsible for skin coloration.

3. Price

This might come to you as a surprise, but drummers are more expensive than chicken drumsticks.

Despite being a larger piece of chicken meat, drumsticks would cost you under $4 for 500 grams.

The same amount of drummies would cost you nearly $6.

This price gap is because wings and drummies are considered cuts of chicken.

4. Appearance

Drumsticks have a very different shape than drumettes, despite their apparent similarities.

At first glance, drummies would look like mini drumsticks.

But a focused look will reveal serious distinctions.

First of all, drumsticks are longer and more slender.

They are also fleshier, with a bone dividing them into two even sides.

Drumettes, on the other hand, are boneless.

Also, they are smaller in size and relatively round.

5. Taste

While different factors determine the taste of drummies and drumsticks, they do not taste alike.

Drumsticks are highly prized for being juicy meat.

Drummies are also fatty and juicy despite being located near the breast.

But overall, drumsticks are a bit drier than drummies.

Both roasted, baked, or even fried drumsticks tend to have crispy skin too.

Dark chicken meat has a stronger flavor, whereas drummies have a milder and more neutral flavor.

Drumsticks reflect the authentic taste of chicken.

6. Meat content

There is a huge difference in the meat content and bone ratio between drumettes and drumsticks.

The latter has the meatier portion.

If you have a large drumstick, it can work well as a protein source for your meal.

Drummies, on the other hand, have less meat.

So typically, you will need five or six drummies to keep you satisfied with a meal.

7. Nutritional value

White meat is different from dark meat when it comes to nutritional value.

Drumettes can provide you with more protein and fat.

Drumsticks provide more iron and zinc.

8. Cooking methods

In general, there are some similar cooking methods for both drummies and drumsticks.

Both can be deep-fried or baked.

However, different cuts of meat can also be cooked differently.

For instance, drumettes can be cooked in soups, whereas drumsticks are never cooked this way.

Moreover, grilled drummies will taste great, while roasting suits the drumsticks more.

Generally, any cooking technique that takes lower heat suits drumettes.

On the other hand, drumsticks need higher heat, but with caution.

Otherwise, you would end up with dry and overcooked sticks.

9. Cooking time

Another major distinction in the Drumette vs. Drumstick debate is the cooking duration.

Regardless of the chosen cooking method, chicken drummies will always cook faster.

This is due to being a kind of boneless wings; drummies take less time to cook fully.

Drumsticks and the rest of the chicken legs need more time as they have large bones.

10. Uses

Chicken wings or drummies can be used as snacks.

However, it is not categorized as a healthy snack.

Despite what many believe, drummies with or without skin have more calories and fat.

So, it won’t suit those looking for healthy weight loss.

On the contrary, roasted or baked drumsticks can be a good food option for those on keto diets.

Drumsticks are fatty but way less than fatty drummies.

So, they are healthier than fat-rich chicken wings or drummies.

11. Serving

Drummies are usually served as an appetizer or a side.

They can also be a part of a broth or stock.

Drumsticks can be served with fries or rice as a main dish.

Additionally, drumettes go along well with dipping sauces such as ranch dressing, hot sauces, BBQ sauce, or ketchup.

Drumsticks can be served with sauces too.

However, they are better served with chips, fries, or salads.

12. Availability

You can get drumsticks and drumettes from various groceries, supermarkets, and online stores.

However, drumsticks are way more available than drumettes.

You will barely come across fresh or frozen bags of drumettes.

You will find them sold as a part of the whole wing.

Drumsticks, on the other hand, are a lot easier to find.

They are often sold separately from the thighs.

Drumette vs. Drumstick: are they the same?

A Chicken drumette and a Drumstick are very different parts of a chicken.

Their meat differs in color, location, and cooking requirements.

Also, the serving of both dishes contributes to their differences.

A chicken drumette is not easy to find, as it is often included in hot wings.

You can shop for drumsticks almost anywhere on- or offline.

Cooking drumettes is easier and takes less time.

They also can be cooked in more ways.

Lastly, buying drumettes at home or eating them in a restaurant will cost you more than doing the same with drumsticks.

Regardless of their differences, both cuts of chicken will give you tender meat, some good nutrients, and a satisfying feeling.

Keep in mind that keeping the chicken skin on both types of meat adds flavor and juiciness, yet it will increase the fat content and calorie count.

But it won’t go without mentioning that if you are looking for a healthy meal, you should consider not either of them.

It would help if you looked for chicken breast instead.

However, the latter is very dry and less delish than a chicken drumette or a drumstick.

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