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Sfogliatelle vs Lobster Tail: 7 Differences To Know Now

Pastries come in various shapes and sizes.

However, each type of them is unique, and no two pastries are the same.

If you are familiar with Sfogliatelle and Lobster tail pastries, you might think they are the same item with different names.

However, they are slightly different and confusing.

If you are curious about the differences between Sfogliatelle and Lobster tail, keep reading this post.

We will tell you everything about Sfogliatelle and Lobster tail.

We will help you identify and easily distinguish these two delicious pastries.

Sfogliatelle vs. Lobster Tail
The main differences between Sfogliatelle and Lobster Tail are their origin, history, size, shape, filling, type of dough, filling, and nutritional value. Both pastries are triangular and look similar, but the Lobster tail is smaller and does not have diverse shapes like Sfogliatelle.

What is Sfogliatelle?

As the name suggests, Sfogliatelle is an Italian pastry.

It is categorized as a puff pastry that looks and feels like a well-known croissant. 

In Italian, the word Sfogliatelle means many layers.

This name accurately describes the appearance of this pastry.

To enjoy the ultimate taste of this pastry, you must eat it when it is fresh and warm.

In addition to its many layers, Sfogliatelle has different delicious, sweetened fillings.

The filling is usually a combo of ricotta cheese, almond paste, or citrus peel.

However, the original custard cream filling remains a highly popular filling.

These are traditionally flavored with vanilla.

Also, the exterior of the pastry is crunchy.

Despite having various layers, they are all thin and non-chewy.

The history of Sfogliatelle dates back over four centuries ago.

It is believed to have been created by a nun in Italy, particularly in Salerno, Campania.

Despite its Italian origins, you can easily find Sfogliatelle in various bakeries, as Italian immigrants brought the recipe.

At first glance, you might think it is easy to make at home.

Sfogliatelle is challenging to handle, especially for baking newbies.

The hardest part is creating equally thin layers and rolling them up.

Then, you will have to cut the whole roll into smaller discs, and you will work on these cones to make them look like connected cones.

Sometimes, pasta machines roll up the layers to achieve the ideal thinness.

The last step is adding the desired filling.

What is a Lobster Tail?

You will definitely think of seafood when you hear the name “lobster tail” for the first time.

You are not wrong to think this way, as an actual seafood dish carries this name.

However, this is different from what we are talking about today.

We are talking about a pastry that looks like a lobster tail and carries this name.

The Italian Sfogliatelle inspired this American pastry.

It has a crispy shell with a creamy filling.

Lobster tail is made of choux pastry, which is less buttery than puff pastry.

The middle layers are also crunchy, but they have a rich touch of cream.

A lobster tail works perfectly for breakfasts, brunches, or desserts between meals.

The sweetened fillings of this pastry change upon desire.

It should be enjoyed once it is out of the oven.

You can reheat it in the oven if the lobster tail gets cold.

Additionally, you can buy pre-made dough to bake at home with your desired filling.

The standard filling for lobster tail is a combination of whipped cream and crème patisserie.

What are the Differences between Sfogliatelle and Lobster Tail?

Looking at both Sfogliatelle can give the impression that they are identical.

However, taking a closer look can reveal a difference in their size.

Also, their pastry doughs are different.

As for the overall taste, it is different as the fillings are different.

1. Origin

While both pastries can be easily found in different bakeries, they did not originate in the same place.

Sfogliatelle is an Italian pastry created by a nun while she was residing in a monastery in Campania.

Lobster tail is not Italian; it was made in the U.S.

It is also known as American Sfogliatelle or sfogliatelle’s cousin.

2. History

You will find a huge difference when comparing the histories of both pastries.

Sources indicate that Sfogliatelle is believed to have been created 400 years ago.

A Lobster tail recipe, on the other hand, is relatively new.

It is thought to have been made in the mid-1960s.

3. Size

One of the most straightforward distinctions between a Sfogliatelle and a lobster tail is size.

Generally, the Lobster tail is baked to be larger and longer than Sfogliatelle.

4. Shape

Originally, Sfogliatelle and Lobster tail pastries looked like the tails of lobsters.

However, you can come across various shapes of Italian pastry.

There are roundish and clam-like Sfogliatelle as well.

The lobster tail, on the other hand, has maintained its original form so far.

5. Filling

In this comparison, you will find that fillings play a significant role in identifying the two pastries.

As an Italian pastry, it is no wonder that it has Italian cheese as a filling.

In addition to ricotta, Sfogliatelle’s filling contains citrus and semolina.

There are other fillings available, but this is the most traditional one.

Lobster tail’s filling, on the other hand, has cream pastry mixed with whip cream.

6. Type of dough

The similar appearances and the many layers might imply the two pastries are made of the same dough.

But it is not true.

Sfogliatelle is made of traditional puff pastry, while the Lobster tail is made of choux pastry.

The latter is considered more delicate and less buttery.

7. Nutritional value

While both pastries are made of white flour, they are not considered very nutritious.

They are high in unhealthy carbs and have a lot of calories.

However, the presence of cheese and citrus in Sfogliatelle makes it richer in vitamins and calcium.

Also, the overall calories in one piece of Sfogliatelle are less than those in one piece of Lobster tail.

Sfogliatelle vs. Lobster Tail: are they the same?

Sfogliatelle and Lobster tail are different types of pastry. 

Despite the undeniable similarity, they are not identical.

They have a similar appearance due to the long lobster tail shape, but Sfogliatelle also comes in other shapes.

Additionally, the two pastries come from different countries.

Sfogliatelle came from Italy, while the Lobster tail is American.

If you are a fan of puff pastries, you will love Sfogliatelle.

Fans of choux pastry will love lobster tail.

Last but not least, Sfogliatelle includes more vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium, while the Lobster tail has higher fat levels and a higher calorie count.

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