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New York Strip vs Kansas City Strip: 10 Main Differences

Steak lovers are amid an ongoing debate over the New York and Kansas City strip.

For many, this is only the same piece of steak but was named after two different cities.

For others, there is a vast difference in their beefy flavors, cooking methods, and other points.

If you share the same confusion between these strip steaks, this blog post will give you in-depth information about their subtle differences.

So, read on!

New York Strip vs. Kansas City Strip
The main differences between a New York strip and a Kansas City strip are geographical location, bone presence, taste, tail section, steak size, harvester, fat content, cooking process, history, and areas of serving. Both steaks are tasty, but the NY strip is less fatty after removing the fat layer.

What is the New York Strip?

New York, or NY strip, is a steak cut from the short loin.

The short loin of a cow is typically found directly behind the ribs.

NY strip is cut from the T-bone steak.

It is the bigger steak that is divided by this bone.

The NY strip is cut and sold without the bone.

This steak is usually between 1.5 and 2.5 inches ( 3.80 and 6.35 cm) thick. 

A steak with these characteristics is the main item in different steakhouses.

The steak will be mouth-watering and enjoyable when the meat is selected and cooked correctly.

If this strip steak is taken from the loin’s front end, the meat will be easy to cook and eat.

On the contrary, a steak taken from the loin’s rear end is not as preferred.

Typically, it will have a stubborn nerve in the middle of the meat tissues, giving them an unfavorable chewy texture.

What is the Kansas City Strip? 

Kansas City or KC strip is taken from the same steak cut as the NY strip.

So, it is a tender and juicy piece of steak that is taken from the T-bone cut.

However, this steak usually comes with the bone attached. 

The bone’s presence increases the marrow levels cooked with the meat.

It also makes the cooking process take longer. 

Like the NY steak, this one is cooked on direct heat until the fat marbling melts and increases the meat’s juiciness.

The presence of KC steak predates the New York version.

Despite the name, KC steak is highly prized inside and outside the West of the US.

Differences between the New York strip and the Kansas City strip

The New York and Kansas City strips have many similarities, such as the fact that they are both beef and cooked almost identically, primarily on the grill.

But their differences are not just in their geographical location.

They are indeed the same cut of the short loin, but their appearance and flavor are not the same.

1. Geographical location 

This might be one of the most evident differences between the two steaks.

You can notice this difference just by reading their names.

Kansas City strip comes from Kansas City, Missouri, a Midwestern state.

New York City strip, on the other hand, comes from New York, which is located in the Northwestern part of the US.

2. Bone Presence 

This is one of the key differences between NY and KC steaks.

NY-style steak is always boneless.

On the contrary, the Kansas City steak is permanently attached to the bone during cutting, cooking, and even serving.

3. Taste

Kansas City strip has an authentic taste that is different from the taste of the NY strip.

The former has a distinct flavor from cooking the bone and meat.

Cooking the bone-attached steak on medium heat releases a strong and sweet taste from the marrow.

Also, the KC strip has more spices and is better seasoned than the NY steak.

NY strip has little to no seasoning, whereas the KC strip is seasoned with oregano, garlic butter, chili, and cayenne powder. 

More spices and herbs can be used as well.

NY strip is mainly and even only seasoned with black pepper and salt.

4. Tail section 

Another main distinction between these two tasty steaks is the availability of the tail section.

The NY strip steak is stripped from the tail section, while KC steak maintains this section. 

5. Steak size

This might surprise you, but both steaks are different in size.

NY strip is usually cut thicker.

But the thin cut does not mean that the steak is smaller in size or weight.

A single KC steak can weigh more than a NY steak due to the presence of a bone and a tail section.

6. Harvester 

One of the often disregarded differences between NY and KC steaks is the person performing the cutting and harvesting.

In New York, the bones of the steak are usually cut by a chef at a restaurant or a steakhouse.

In KC, a butcher is responsible for this task.

7. Fat content 

Despite being from the same beef cut, they do not have the same fat content.

To make an authentic KC strip, the raw steak maintains its fat.

This natural fat marbling emphasizes the beef’s tender texture.

The NY strip, on the other hand, is free of most of its fat marbling.

This makes it less juicy but somehow healthier than the KC strip.

8. Cooking process

These two steaks can be cooked almost the same.

Both of them can be broiled, seared, or grilled.

However, the KC strip takes longer to be fully cooked due to containing accessories such as a one and a tail section.

When grilling the bone-in version of the Kansas strip, you must rotate each side of the steak at 45 degrees before flipping.

This rotation position should last a few minutes before flipping the sides.

This step is unnecessary when you cook the boneless version of the NY strip.

9. History

Kansas City strip came first.

The exact beginning of serving this bone-in steak is yet to be discovered.

But it was petty famous in the Mid-west for decades before a chef decided to bring its recipe to New York.

This happened around the early 1930s.

10. Areas of serving 

Due to the difference in their geographical origins, the two types of strip steak are served in very different areas of the US.

The Kansas City version is typically widely served in the Midwest and parts of the southern US.

The New York version, on the other hand, is more prevalent in New York and various parts of the East Coast.

New York strip vs. Kansas City strip: are they the same?

To some extent, both strip steaks can be considered the same.

However, they are not entirely identical.

They come from the same part of the cow.

The same T-bone steak can be prepared as a NY or KC strip.

They vary in appearance, as the former has no bones while the latter maintains them.

Both choices are great in taste, but the KC strip offers more tenderness due to the higher fat content.

It also has more seasoning and extra flavors, while the NY strip is only seasoned with salt and pepper.

Lastly, the NY strip is the one if you want a thicker steak.

But if you have more than a bit of marbling, then the juicy KC strip should be your choice.

So regardless of your final choice in steak, either of them will give you a satisfying experience. 

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